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Vaginal Rejuvenation at AIG Clinics Dubai

The vagina is a muscular tube reaching out from the lady's vulva (outer genitalia) to the cervix of the uterus. The vulva contains numerous anatomical elements including the labia, glands, clitoris and vaginal opening.

Atrophy, disease, hereditary condition, injury or deformation are reasons that your vagina can turn out to be loose and saggy. In any case, the most widely recognized reason is the birth of a child in light of the fact that the vaginal muscles are being overly stretched during childbirth. The can be, for example, incontinence, sexual dysfunction and other impairments. This can greatly effect a woman´s self confidence.

Restorative gynecological medicines have been accessible for a long time. Indeed, Vaginoplasty was used in early days to treat ladies with disabled vaginas from birth imperfections to have ordinary monthly cycles, sexual impairments or urination problems. Presently, Vaginoplasty is broadly perceived as a type of Vaginal Rejuvenation for an enhanced way of life, and in addition, well being concerns. Additionally, men experiencing a sex reassignment operation can use vaginoplasty for a more perfect transformation.

Am I the right candidate for Vaginoplasty?
The surgery is suitable for ladies in great general health, looking to gain self esteem. It is particularly suggested for ladies who had childbirth the regular way and/or are above the age of 40 years.

Sorts of Vaginal Surgeries:

Vaginoplasty is a reconstructive surgery that reshapes and tightens the vaginal depression from the opening to the cervix. The immediate advantage is a vagina that looks like before giving birth, tight and firm. The aftereffect of this surgery is also an enhanced intimate life and to be "re-virginized." This is the consequence of more tight vaginal muscle causing expanded contact amid intercourse with a 98% of women confirming this. In the rest of the 2% of patients, minor adjustments can be made to acquire enhanced outcomes.

The surgery normally is finished in one to two hours, under either general anesthesia or a so called conscious sedation. Amid this time, your surgeon will open your vagina with a retractor to watch how much adjustment is really required. The doctor will then join the separated muscles with a few dissolvable stitches and reshape your vagina´s size by removing excess skin and tissue. There will be no visible scarring as the surgery is performed inside your vagina.
Vaginoplasty can be performed together with Labiaplasty.

Labiaplasty is a restorative surgery performed on ladies with excessively expansive or uneven labia (vaginal lips), internal as well as external, that causes uneasiness or shame. The lips are reshaped and the size diminished by cutting off overabundance tissue from any of the four folds of the vulva. The outcome is a new rejuvenated vagina and scars are almost imperceptible. Patients have experienced a more enhanced intimate life because of more trust in their vaginal look.

This one-hour Labiaplasty can be joined with Vaginoplasty surgery. Generally you will be able to return to work within 3-4 days following the operation. In any case, physical exercises, for example, are not permitted for two weeks. Intimacy can be started following around 5 weeks after the procedure.

In case you are still of childbearing age, Labiaplasty won't stop you from having a normal childbirth.

Also known as "Revirgination," the vaginal rejuvenation contains a couple of procedures to restore several issues that usually happen due to giving birth or plain ageing.

Areas that can be rejuvenated:

  • Hymen: The sensitive tissue found at the vagina's passageway that ordinarily tears amid a lady's first sexual experience. Ordinarily Hymenoplasty will imitate a virginal condition by restoring the Hyman using vaginal coating and its blood supply. It can likewise mean repairing a broken Hyman.
  • Clitoral Unhooding: This method separates tissue that covers the clitoris and stands in the way of experiencing pleasure
  • G-Spot Amplification: The very delicate zone found in the vaginal front wall is thought to be a lady's most sensitive zone. It is believed that, by injecting collagen into this area, it will change your potential for excitement and climax.

Vaginal Rejuvenation incorporates Vaginoplasty and Labiaplasty. It is a roughly 1-2 hour surgery.

Recuperation period
Your recovery process depends entirely on the kind of procedure(s) you pick to have performed. Be that as it may, as with most surgeries, to have some uneasiness and discomfort is not out of the ordinary. Your specialist at AIG clinics will recommend suitable medicine to reduce this discomfort and avoid infections.

It is imperative to swear off sexual intercourse for around 1 and half months. This is on the grounds that vaginal muscles can tear amid sexual action. Amid the recuperation, you will no doubt feel the most discomfort during the initial couple of days or until the point when swelling stops. You should see the outcome of the operation in around 2-3 weeks after your surgery.

It is vital that you get sufficient rest and keep away from physical strain amid recovery with the goal that your body can mend in peace. Keep in mind that the better you take care, the more powerful your healing will be and therefore the results of your Vaginal surgery. Also, obviously, do not miss any of your post-operative appointments at AIG clinics.

Despite the fact that Vaginal Surgery is generally safe and successful, the vagina is amongst the most delicate and touchy parts of the female structure. Your plastic surgeon at AIG clinics will discuss the possible risks with you prior to your operation.

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