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Chin Augmentation at AIG Clinics, Dubai

What is Chin Augmentation?
Mentoplasty, otherwise called chin augmentation, is a technique performed to enhance the facial profile. A few patients may have a subsiding chin which can be enhanced by projecting the chin forward by inserting a chin implant. Mentoplasty can be combined with other treatment to change your facial appearance to the desired look.

How does Chin Augmentation work?
At AIG Clinics your plastic surgeon will make a small incision in your chin fold and then insert an anatomical formed implant into this opening. The implants are smoothed to fit the natural line of your jaw. There will be no visible scar. The implants can also be set into place via the mouth but at AIG clinics we prefer the external method as the externally placed implants are anatomical in contrast to the ones placed inside the mouth. Those are smaller and not tapered, which means that they do not look as natural as the anatomical version.

What materials are the implants made of?
The anatomical chin implants that we use at AIG Clinics are made of pure silicone. This type of silicone implants have been used for over 100 years and do have an excellent safety history.

Are there possible complications after a Chin Enlargement?
As with any surgeries, may they be small or big, there are possible complications such as infections, wrongly placed implants or a numb feeling. On the off chance that a infection happens, the patient is immediately treated with antibiotics and In the event that the problem continuous, the implant is expelled and the procedure will be repeated after a month and a half. Wrong placement happens very seldom and is simply counteracted by replacing the implant. The feeling of numbness in the lip or chin is usually only for a brief period of maximum 4 weeks.

Do I get Anesthesia for the Chin Augmentation Surgery?
Chin Enlargement can be performed under local anesthesia when done as a solitary surgery. If the procedure is being combined with a nose surgery or face lift, a general anesthesia will be performed.

What is my recovery time after Chin Augmentation?
Most people can come back to work 5 days after a chin enlargement. Commonly, there is only gentle swelling and insignificant to no bruises. The patient returns home immediately after surgery. He can go back to work as soon as he sees fit and after 5 days the stitches will be removed at our clinic. Exercises or other more tenuous practices can be resumed approximately 3-4 weeks after the operation.

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