Get a ‘Hourglass’ Figure with a Brazilian Butt Lift at AIG Clinics Dubai

cosmetic clinic dubai butt liftBrazilian Butt Lift surgery is a well known buttock expansion method in Dubai, UAE that provides a more youthful, enthusiastic bottom. With new trends and fashion, the Brazilian Butt Lift is starting to match Breast Augmentation Procedure in popularity.

Is there an Age Limit for Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) Surgery?
This procedure is suitable for young and older ladies that are hoping to improve their appearance by gaining a more curvy, exotic bodyshape. There is no age limit for a Butt Lift. It relies upon patient's general wellbeing and comfort. At AIG clinics our doctors are highly qualified specialists that are very much familiar with the method and the strategies important to guarantee that every patient leaves our clinic looking more shapely and happy.

Best Plastic Surgeon for Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) in Dubai
Our plastic surgeon specialists are leaders in this and other procedures, they have even established their own methods and Dr. Mucio was mentioned to be among the top 100 surgeons in the world. We at AIG clinics, Dubai know that the ladies bottom is particularly difficult to keep in shape and it requires a lot of discipline and exercise. This can cause a considerable measure of dissatisfaction for ladies hoping to condition their appearance, particularly because of the huge attention this new trend is getting. A round and firm butt makes a lady look younger and more appealing.

The Process of a Brazilian Butt Lift Surgery
A butt lift will add volume to your bottom and raise it into a more prominent position. It will greatly improve the shape and size of your buttocks.

There are two Brazilian Butt Lift techniques:

  • Buttock Implants
  • Fat Transfer to Buttock

While butt implants are available at AIG clinics, it is not our first choice as 60% of those implants are rejected by patient´s bodies. Those rejected implants have to be removed which are additional, not anticipated costs. We recommend fat transfer as this is an entirely safe method and your body will not reject its own fat. Also the Health Department recommends this safer technique of own fat transfer.

The benefits of Liposuction that comes with a Brazilian Butt Lift
One of the advantages of the Butt Lift surgery is the lipoplasty that is part of the procedure. The liposuction surgery helps to make a more adjusted and molded shape by expelling abundant fat from different parts of the body and inject those fats into the bum to give you it a more exquisite and adjusted shape.

Prerequisite of fat for Brazilian Butt Lift strategy:
If you are interested in the fat transferal method of a butt lift you, it's critical to realize that a specific measure of fat is essential. Patients that are too thin might be asked to put on some weight before the surgery so as to get the most ideal outcome.

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