Restore your breasts after a mastectomy

plastic surgery dubai breast reconstructionBenefits of Breast Reconstruction

  • Restore your breasts after a mastectomy
  • Benefits of Breast Reconstruction
  • Restore the look and feel of your breasts
  • Feel more comfortable about how you look
  • Achieve the natural look
  • Full control over size and shape

Is Breast Reconstruction right for me?

The long-term prospects of living without a breast or part of one affect every woman differently. The choice for one woman won't necessarily be right for another. It’s a personal decision, and it's often not easy to make.

What if I don’t get Breast Reconstruction done?
You can choose to skip reconstruction. You can wear external breast forms or pads, or make no attempt to change your appearance. Improvements in plastic surgery mean better results now than ever before, though. You can choose breast reconstruction using either breast implants or your own tissue.

Is it only for looks?
The procedure does change your appearance, but it can have psychological benefits as well. It can add to a sense of wellness for you and your family. Restoring the breast isn’t considered a cosmetic procedure. It’s reconstructive surgery.

When is the best time to get Breast Reconstruction done?
The timing is based on your desires, medical conditions, and cancer treatment. You can choose to have it done during the same operation to remove the breast, or weeks, months or years after a mastectomy.

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