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Breast Augmentation has given ladies around the world a boost in their confidence. Breast implants improve the size and state of the breast. They can be used to enhance body symmetry and self confidence in women that are unhappy about the size of their breasts or after pregnancy. Breast implants can likewise be utilized for revising asymmetry and for reconstructive purposes. AIG clinics offer complimentary breast enlargement counseling at their Dubai branchku.
There are many points of interest you will need to know and despite the fact that you will talk about them with your specialist doctor at our clinic, the following is meant for you to study it. Kindly read all the data a few times. Talk about any concerns or remarks with AIG clinics before settling on any ultimate conclusion in regards to your breast operation.

Sorts of Breast Implants
Dubai corrective specialists, AIG clinics routinely perform breast enlargement by either saline filled breast implants or the new FDA affirmed firm gel silicone implants. Most plastic specialists and patients concur that the new firm silicone gel implants have a more characteristic feel. They are likewise more averse to create undulating than saline breast implants, albeit saline implants are available if you wish to. The firm gel implant will, for the most part, require a marginally bigger incision to permit proper arrangement of the implant. In any case, AIG clinics are specialists in using a method that allows bigger silicone implants through a smaller incision than usual.

Shapes of breast implants
The breast implant can be placed over the chest muscle (muscle) or under the chest muscle. AIG clinics for the most part puts the implant under the chest muscle. Explanations behind sub muscular position incorporate a lower rate of capsular contracture (immovability and solidifying of the mending tissues around the implant) and a more characteristic outcome because of more tissue over the implant. To place the implant underneath the muscle may result in some moving of the implants and therefore distortion of the breast.

Breast Implants likewise come in various shapes and profiles. Anatomic or "tear" formed implants were made on account of a more normal shape and intended to be more full at the lower half like a characteristic breast. Be that as it may, this particular vertical introduction can bring about breast asymmetry if the implant turns. This can result in visible ripples and thus, anatomic implants are not regularly used by us.

At AIG clinics we prefer the most widely recognized round and soft implant. Since the breast implant is smooth and round, it is allowed to turn with no unnatural looking outcomes. With gravity alone the strong silicone gel or saline will float or fill the base part of the implant when sitting or standing erect or fill the breast all the more consistently when resting, all the more nearly mirroring a characteristic breast shape.

So called High Profile implants are likewise used with a more thin base measurement (width) and an expanded projection when contrasted with the standard Midrange Profile implants. High Profile implants are for the most part required when more projection is asked for without the attendant increment in base distance across (width). AIG clinics routinely uses both Midrange Profile and High Profile Implants relying upon the patients body shape and objectives..

Size of Breast Implants
Picking the correct size implant is likewise imperative in getting the right and sought after result. AIG clinics will take exact measurement of the position of the breast to make sure the new breast size fits the patients body. We will also observe the thickness of the skin and subcutaneous tissue. Our doctor will then recommend a range of sizes that will fit appropriately and deliver a characteristic outcome. The patient has a definitive choice and should settle on how well the implant will eventually suit the body.

Size of Implants
It is not advisable to choose a too large implant for the space that is accessible as this may detract from a characteristic look, particularly valid with a thin patient with previously little breasts or when a patient has very little space between the areola and the inframammary crease. AIG clinics may suggest a High Profile implant for the individuals who have the wish for larger breasts without wanting them to protrude from the sides. An intensive exam is expected to figure out which size and profile implant will best match the patient to suit their wishes best.

There are Several Different Locations for Incision Placement

  • Infra Mammary - Incision is under the breast
  • Areolar - Incision is around the pigmented range around the areola
  • Auxillary - Incision in the crease of the armpit
  • Trans-Umbilical - entry point in the upper part of the belly button (most suitable for saline implants)

At AIG clinics we prefer to perform the Areolar Incision in light of the amazing nature of the scars which are for the most part not easily detectable. In any case, the last decision of the Incision position will eventually be up to the patient.

Am I a good candidate for breast enlargement surgery?

  • Have I lost volume in my breasts because of weight reduction or pregnancy and breastfeeding?
  • Have I lost volume just because of age?
  • Do I feel that my small breasts do nothing to supplement or adjust my figure?
  • Have I considered any other choices before choosing that breast implants was the best decision for me?
  • Am I ready for the procedure and the responses I will get after my surgery?

If you reply "yes" to any of these you might qualify for breast surgery and it could be the ideal decision to enable you to improve your figure and gain more confidence. We will discuss the outcome with you thoroughly and together chose the right size and shape that best suits your figure and wishes.

Breast enlargement is the single most performed beauty surgery on the planet.

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Dicsclaimer: There is no guarantee that result will be the same as it might vary from one person to another