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Different types of of Hair Transplants:

FUE Hair Transplants in Dubai
FUE is a moderately present day procedure that does not include cutting and repatching of scalp. It rather utilizes a pneumatic punch to separate each graft independently. The punch device has a distance across under 1mm and therefore ensuring an exceedingly normal looking hairline. Removed grafts can be transplanted immediately or gathered in a saline arrangement.

FUT Hair Transplants in Dubai
Otherwise called strip method hair transplantation, it is the most common hair transplant method. The method includes extracting a straight piece of hair with skin from the back or either side of the head. The hair follicles are extracted under an intense magnifying lens to acquire unites for transplantation.

ACell/PRP Hair Loss
It is non-surgical hair reclamation procedure suggested for individuals with critical hair diminishing and only slight bare patches. Ladies are the prime recipients as Female Pattern Hair Loss causes general hair diminishing and not bold spots like male boldness. Indeed, even men with starting indications of male pattern baldness can profit by ACell/PRP treatment. It works by ceasing and turning around androgenic scaling down of follicles.

Stem cell Transplant
Otherwise called Direct Automated FUE, Stem Cell FUE takes a shot at an indistinguishable guideline from the customary FUE Hair Transplant. The primary distinction is that Stem Cell FUE utilizes robotized punch tools for grafting, and this permits extraction of donot at speediest conceivable grafts in very fast timeframes. Moreover, just a piece of hair follicle is evacuated for plantation and not the whole follicle. Along these lines, this latest procedure takes into account hair recovery in the donor territories too.

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