Hair Transplants are not only for men

In the past ladies were not viewed as great possibility for hair transplant candidates. While men were profiting from hair transplant surgeries, it was only once in a while considered that women are are also suffering from baldness. But in uncovering certain female balding conditions, they make similarly great candidates for hair transplants.

How you know if you are a Candidate?
Since ladies more often than not have diffused hair diminishing, they are not viewed as perfect contender for a hair transplant surgery. In any case, 2 to 5 percent of ladies experience the ill effects of a balding that can be treated with hair transplant surgery.

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This might be the case if you:

  • need to reestablish hairs around a surgical scar
  • have a subsided hairline or crown diminishing
  • are experiencing male pattern baldness caused by any sort of alopecia
  • have a bold patch caused by injury – scars of any kind (chemical or fire incidents)

Ladies Hair Transplant Techniques are similar to gents transplants. 

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