Hair Transplant in Dubai

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Hair transplants are becoming increasingly popular all over the world, with many clinics especially located in turkey but why travel so far when you can have the best hair transplant in Dubai, right on your doorstep.

So, on the chance that you are thinking about a Hair Transplant like so many other afflicted man or female, you may have a couple of things to consider before picking between the different Hair Transplant methods.
The Cost is one of them. Hair Transplantation is a corrective treatment without a fixed price tag. Hair Transplant Cost in Dubai differs altogether from individual to individual.

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Factors that affect costs:

  • dimension of bald area that should be restored
  • number of grafts required
  • hair density requirement
  • Hair Transplant method
  • experience and abilities of surgeon
  • geographic area of the Hair Transplant Clinic (tickets,hotels,etc)

Hair Restoration Results

Results of hair transplant surgery are incredible. You get natural looking hair back and live without dread of losing them again in the future. Since donor grafts are being extracted from safe regions, you will not lose the hair even influenced by Dihydro testosterone. It regularly takes around 3 to 4 months for the transplanted hair to begin its growth circle and around 8 months to a year from start of surgery until full length is achieved. Transplanted hair can be shampooed, cut, combed or trimmed as you like.

We offer specialist hair transplant surgery and we are using the latest techniques.

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Areas that can be treated:

The treatment methods we offer are:

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