Areas that can receive Hair Transplants


A beard is the indication of manliness and development, however a noteworthy rate of men's populace finds it impossible to grow a full thick beard. Almost 50% of all men battle hard to develop a full beard and sideburns because of hereditary qualities, burns or other injuries. Experiencing facial hair transplant surgery can totally change your look, giving you a sharp, manly look.

A facial hair transplant might be a perfect choice for you if

  • you can't grow a beard
  • you have a spotty or inconsistent growth and you need to increase your beards thickness and fullness
  • thickness and appearance of your facial hair has suffered because of scars or burns or if you want to cover such areas
  • you need to alter the shape and state of your beard growth

Beard Transplant Procedure
Facial hair transplant surgery is performed on outpatient status and using local anesthesia. It takes 2 to 5 hours depending on number of hairs you require.
Implantation of hair follicles: Finally, specialist deliberately embeds hair follicles remembering the coveted thickness, thickness and example of whiskers.

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Beard hair transplant itself is practically painless with a short recuperation period. Be that as it may, recovery may fluctuate from one patient to the next.

Result of a Beard Transplant
The results of facial hair transplant will show over a period of 1year up, once transplanted hair follicles start to grow, they will keep on doing that for a lifetime. You can shave and trim the transplanted hair the same way as your natural grown hair.



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